Pornography isn’t so bad- right?

Maybe some of you have seen the Time Magazine article titled “Study: Porn May Not Be Such a Bad Influence on Sexual Behavior”  The fact that this article is found in the “sex” section of Time On-Line shouldn’t surprise anybody. Satan would love our society to believe that pornography and sexual sins aren’t really all that bad. In fact, he would say they are quite normal and actually help us develop. Continue reading Pornography isn’t so bad- right?

Jacobs Story

This is an absolutely amazing video from a group that I am hoping to learn more about called “Unearthed”. They are on a mission to stop sex trafficking by getting to the root of the cause- introducing Jesus Christ to men around the world. This video strikes a chord with me. It is a mini-documentary about a man named “Jacob” who was working in the human sex-trafficking trade in South Africa. But after a while, God got a hold of Jacobs life, radically turned it around and now this victimizer is now a rescuer. I too was once a victimizer, but God radically got a hold of my life and by his Grace I hope to be able to help guys break free from what God has freed me from.

Here is the video. I pray it impacts you the same way it has impacted me.

Click here to watch Jacobs Story