Paul and Grant Snyder on ‘Live The Promise’ with Susie Larson

Today, Grant Snyder from the Minneapolis Police Department and I went on ‘Live The Promise’ with Susie Larson to talk about the relationship between pornography and human trafficking. I shared my story on Susie’s show just a couple of months ago and we talked extensively then about how pornography affects our brains and our lives. So today we focused on how the neuro-chemical reaction to watching pornography leads to needing more and more of the porn, just like a chemical drug, in order to achieve satisfaction. Eventually, the pornography itself is no longer enough and the person begins to act out in real life by having an extramarital affair, engaging in cyber sexual activities with live people or looking for real life casual encounters online. Many of these activities quickly turn into illegal activities, and the people looking for sex online often times meet an officer on the other end instead of the ‘person’ they were expecting. Grant helps us understand what happens in that situation and how those lives are completely destroyed by those actions. So many of the women and girls found online are there because they are being trafficked. We talk about what can be done to help those women and also on what we can do to help the men who are buyers of online sex once they have commit their crime. But Grant and I both have a heart to see not one more victim created, so we focus on what we can to to help these men who are addicted to pornography get off that road before they commit their crime. My goal in helping men find freedom from pornography is so they can be the husband, dad and man that God wants them to be but also so they can avoid creating another victim before it’s too late.

Grant is a phenomenal man of God with a powerful testimony and I am proud to call him my friend. I really enjoyed sharing this time with him on Susie’s show. You can listen to the program here:

Paul and Grant with Susie

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