Turnback Episode 3- ‘Radical Adoration’

Turnback episode 3 explores how developing a deep, lasting intimacy with Jesus Christ is critical to finding and staying in freedom from sexual sin. We discuss how idols in our lives keep us from developing that intimacy. (more)

A special thanks to Pastor Brad Bigney from Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY for the worksheets on identifying idols in our lives. You can download them below but be aware that they were designed as pamphlets, so the first page in the file may actually be the last page, so look at the entire thing before filling it out. But the action item for this week is to work on these worksheets and use them to identify idols in your life, break them down and deepen your intimacy with Jesus as a result. Please share your comments below.

How to Repent of Idols Worksheet

Identifying Idols in Your Life Worksheet

Idols Replacement Plan Worksheet

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