Devo Blast Episode 5- Don’t Give Up!

Today we’re joined by Nick Stumbo from Pure Desire Ministries and we talk about why guys don’t make it through recovery/groups successfully. Our key passage today is from Romans 5:3-4.

Websites mentioned today:
Setting Us Free (Nick Stumbo’s book)

8 thoughts on “Devo Blast Episode 5- Don’t Give Up!”

  1. Thank you for your transparency, Paul. Your story is inspiring. And your ministry is very much needed. Thank you for what you are doing!

    I like what Nick Stumbo communicated, that a person needs to work. As a Life Coach, I work with families, and one husband was caught in addiction. At one point he wanted to be free and at another, he wanted to give up. It has been hard for him to be fully in. It is quite a battle, the good news he is in rehab now. I’m thankful that he is surrounded by others on this journey. A community is important! I’m praying that he truly gives himself fully to Jesus, second, that he puts the work into being fully free.

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  2. Important stuff. Important topic. So often men do just show up to get the wife off their back. She may have to keep pushing to get the change they both know they need. But he might not believe it’s possible.

    You are doing work that matters in our culture. May God richly bless this effort.

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