Devo Blast Episode 6- ‘A Wife’s Perspective’

Guys AND Ladies- this one is for all of you! In this episode, Paul talks with Gail Berger, Founder of ‘The Blessing House’, about her experience as the wife of an addict. Gail shares a part of her story that will help an addict understand what their spouse is going through, and will help the spouse understand that healing can occur and that there is hope for them, their addicted spouse and their marriage.

This episode is a little longer than normal, and the audio of Paul’s interview with Gail is a little quiet, but I know that you will be blessed by it.

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10 thoughts on “Devo Blast Episode 6- ‘A Wife’s Perspective’”

  1. This is so important to hear! Thanks for sharing this story and helping spread awareness not only about addiction, but about this home where people can find healing!

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  2. Wow, Paul. This is powerful. Love when Gail describes the Blessing House as a place when “there’s no place to go.” And how sad her husband died in that addiction state without restoration. Her son passing away at a young age, too. Boy, she’s lived through a lot. There’s a lot of alcoholism in my husband’s side of the family and he lost two cousins way too soon. “Having an affair with a woman or women on a screen” is a strong way to describe pornography. Yes, it does steal things from the addict AND robs those around them. Thanks for doing this interview to give wives and others hope. I pray God uses it to reach those who need it.

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    1. Thanks Karen! Gail has an amazing story and I thought it would be powerful for guys to hear how their behaviors really do effect their wives. So often in a pornography addiction, the guy will really believe it isn’t hurting anybody since “it’s just on a screen”.

      Thanks for the kind words! Blessings.


  3. Paul, this is helpful to so many people. I like both angles, from the one in addiction and the wife/mother who is having to help her husband/child. I also like the point that Gail makes about addiction stealing from the relationship. Addictions and adultery do steal, kill, and destroy the person and the relationships. It’s the devil’s game. Thank you for being a light on this subject!

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  4. I like that the two of you mentioned different types of addictions, the secrecy that comes along with them, and the fact that God can power anyone through all of it. Such an important topic. So glad you are following God’s purpose for your blogging/vlogging.

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  5. Hi Paul!

    Thank you for what you’re doing in your calling. It’s crucial someone does this. The way you share how you’ve recovered, and bringing in your friends to tell their stories and bring different perspectives to the table is educating.

    This episode shows how dangerous a self-centred approach to life can be.

    God bless,
    Edna Davidsen

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    1. Thanks Edna! I appreciate your words. I always say that I hate the components of my story, but I love seeing God take what the enemy intended for evil and using it for good to help other people and bring glory to Him!


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