14 thoughts on “Pauls story in AUTHENTIK Magazine”

  1. I pray that God may use your story to inspire others in similar situations, Paul. I’m glad that God used Emily to get your story in the AUTHENTIK Magazine.

    You are awesome, both of you.

    Edna Davidsen


  2. Great post on AUTHENTIK, Paul! Your transparency and authenticity are surely helping a large number of people. The Lord wants us to be open with our stories! Then he can use the miracle of what he has done in our lives to help others! Well done!


      1. Glad to! Your ministry is built on: 1) what God has done and continues to do in your life and (2) your transparency about it. If we all shared from that foundation, the power of God’s Spirit in our lives would be more evident, other believers could be more encouraged, and more people would seek the Savior. I hope and pray many others follow your model and realize the importance of these two things for evangelization, church growth, and the sanctification of other believers.


      2. Thank you for the encouraging words Melinda! My goal is to point other people to Christ through my story, even though it’s a crummy one!

        Blessings on you and your ministry as well!

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      3. No story is a crummy one, for we’re all sinners with sordid thoughts, desires, and actions. Your testimony sheds light into our human darkness and makes it possible for others to find their way home to the Father. A testimony is a powerful thing. Paul never hid the sordid details of his. We all need to share transparently and tell the truth of how much we need Jesus!


  3. I am so sorry this happened to you. We live in a culture where this is just too easy, and it is affecting literally millions of peoples’ lives. I am glad that you found forgiveness in God, and were able to defeat this thing. May God use you to help others.


    1. Thanks Lisa. I always say that I hate the components of my story, but that I love how God is taking it and using it for His glory and to help others. Thanks for the comment!


  4. Such a powerful story of redemption, Paul. I’m so glad that God restored you to Himself. I pray that your ministry impacts many caught in this addiction and that through the power of Jesus, they are free. 🙂 Thank you for your transparency and willingness to share this publically.


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