RENEWED! episode 8 with Dr. Mark Laaser

Check out our latest episode of RENEWED! where Paul talks with Dr. Mark Laaser from Faithful & True Ministries about the need for both online recovery groups and the TurnBack Ranch.

Websites mentioned in todays episode:

18 thoughts on “RENEWED! episode 8 with Dr. Mark Laaser”

  1. This is so amazing, Paul! I love what you are doing! I’m praying for you and this ministry. I will also be praying about how we can support you! Thank you for the interview! I like how Dr. Mark Lasser talked about transitioning from post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth. Your ministry is a great resource that I will refer people to.

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    1. Thank you so much Marcie! I appreciate it. Dr. Mark is an amazing guy that we are blessed to have helping us along the way!

      Your prayers and financial support make this all happen, so thank you for the prayers and referrals and considering becoming a partner! Blessings on your day.

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  2. Great interview again, Paul. These groups and therapy sound great. My husband is teaching through a series at church about the journey to freedom and is discussing areas of bondage like sexual immorality, addictions, etc..

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    1. So glad to hear he’s teaching on this topic Karen! That’s awesome!

      Thanks for the kind words even though we’re super tech challenged and had to record the interview in selfie mode in my phone! LOL


  3. Thanks, Paul for providing more help options for those stuck in and/or dealing with the fallout from the cycle of addiction. Faithful and True looks like a great resource for individuals and couples who are struggling with these issues.

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    1. The distance groups are indeed key! Our goal is to have people go through the curriculum in hopes of, when they are free themselves, taking the group materials back to their own church or organization and starting a local in-person group where there was nothing before!

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