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TurnBack Video Devo is coming!!

Hey guys- I’m coming out with a new daily video devo series next week that I am SUPER excited about! Here is a sneak peek at it, but please realize, this is my first attempt at using the new video editing software, so please have some grace as you watch it! Blessings on your day!

Paul and Grant Snyder on ‘Live The Promise’ with Susie Larson

Today, Grant Snyder from the Minneapolis Police Department and I went on ‘Live The Promise’ with Susie Larson to talk about the relationship between pornography and human trafficking. I shared my story on Susie’s show just a couple of months ago and we talked extensively then about how pornography affects our brains and our lives. So today we focused on how the neuro-chemical reaction to watching pornography leads to needing more and more of the porn, just like a chemical drug, in order to achieve satisfaction. Eventually, the pornography itself is no longer enough and the person begins to act out in real life by having an extramarital affair, engaging in cyber sexual activities with live people or looking for real life casual encounters online. Continue reading Paul and Grant Snyder on ‘Live The Promise’ with Susie Larson

Pauls visit with Vince Miller on Resolutes ‘Man Talk’ Radio Show

Many thanks to Vince Miller from RESOLUTE for having me as a guest on his radio series on sexual addiction. I was able to share some of my story, a bit about our groups at Grace Church and how Pure Desires 7-Pillars of Freedom curriculum helped me find my freedom from my addiction and what guys can expect from it as they go through it themselves. Here is a link to the page from our visit where the 3- 15-minute episodes can be found: Continue reading Pauls visit with Vince Miller on Resolutes ‘Man Talk’ Radio Show

Paul’s visit with Susie Larson on “Live The Promise”

Had a great time chatting with Susie Larson on Faith Radio on Tuesday about my story and how pornography doesn’t just contribute to the human trafficking trade, but it is a part of it. Thanks for tackling this tough topic Susie and for the well written article below! You’re awesome!

(You can listen to the show through a player link at the bottom of the below article)

Paul’s visit with Dr. Mark Laaser on the Men of Valor Podcast

A great thanks to Dr. Mark Laaser and Randy Evert for inviting me onto their podcast this week! It was a great time talking a little about my story, the different groups we are doing at Grace and my work with Pure Desire. We also touched on the Pure Desire University coming up at Grace Church in Eden Prairie on November 10th and 11th. (registration is now open at

You can listen to the episode of “Men of valor” that I was on here: Men of Valor Podcast with Paul Zunker.avatars-000277952372-wa8e7h-t500x500

Intimacy is the problem, and the solution

imagesWhen I was busted in my addiction in 2011 and all my activities were exposed, I immediately went into recovery mode by trying to fix everything in my life that I knew was broken such as my relationship with my wife and kids, my finances and most importantly my relationship with God. I knew I needed to get my relationship with Christ back on track as soon as possible. Continue reading Intimacy is the problem, and the solution

Pornography isn’t so bad- right?

Maybe some of you have seen the Time Magazine article titled “Study: Porn May Not Be Such a Bad Influence on Sexual Behavior”  The fact that this article is found in the “sex” section of Time On-Line shouldn’t surprise anybody. Satan would love our society to believe that pornography and sexual sins aren’t really all that bad. In fact, he would say they are quite normal and actually help us develop. Continue reading Pornography isn’t so bad- right?